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Electronic fiscal receipt


6 most important facts about e-receipts:


E-receipt replaces printing paper receipts.

A full-fledged electronic fiscal receipt replaces the traditional receipt – when issuing e-receipts, you no longer need to print paper receipts. However, the document must meet a number of requirements specified in the regulations*, including: having an appropriate format and being issued by the right online fiscal device (in limited industries, also by the so-called virtual cash registers).

*E-receipt is an electronic fiscal document regulated by the following Polish regulations: the Act of 11 March 2004 on Tax on Goods and Services, the Regulation of the Minister of Finance on cash registers and the Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology on the criteria and technical conditions to be met by cash registers.


Electronic receipt is not a PDF file.

A fiscal e-receipt is a set of data presented in a format strictly defined by the Polish Ministry of Finance – only in this form it can replace printing a traditional receipt.

Therefore, an electronic receipt sent as an e-mail attachment in PDF or JPG format is unlawful – meaning it cannot replace a paper receipt.


Any taxpayer can issue e-receipts.

Regardless of the industry, business profile or company size, any entrepreneur can issue e-receipts. They’re suitable for both e-commerce and traditional retail.

This also applies to companies exempt from fiscalisation – in this case we usually recommend switching to e-receipts as the regulations regarding exemptions are very variable. When issuing e-receipts, one doesn’t need to regularly monitor the law in this area.


E-receipt cannot be issued without a cash register.

To issue electronic receipts, you need a cash register – this is a legal requirement. The device is needed to record sales in its protected memory.

To start issuing e-receipts with eparagony.pl, you need to have an online fiscal printer with appropriate homologation. There are many device models on the market that can already handle electronic receipts – you can find their full list here.

A certain type of “online receipts” can also be issued by virtual cash registers (cash registers in the form of software). However, only a few selected industries can use such devices. Therefore, a great advantage of e-receipts on online fiscal printers is that they can be issued by any entrepreneur.


E-receipts are not only related to the government application (HUB paragonowy).

According to the regulations, the entrepreneur is free to choose the supplier of the e-receipt solution. The state e-receipts system, the so-called HUB paragonowy together with eParagony app is a voluntary system. The taxpayer has the full right to use independent, technologically proven tools (like eparagony.pl).

Issuing e-receipts = pure benefits.

When issuing electronic receipts:

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