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Basic information on e-receipts

E-receipt is a fiscal receipt in an electronic form that fully replaces paper receipts. It is a full-fledged fiscal document regulated by the Act of 11 March 2004 on Tax on Goods and Services, the Regulation of the Minister of Finance on cash registers and the Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology on the criteria and technical conditions to be met by cash registers.

Every fiscal receipt, whether paper or electronic, must be created by a fiscal registering device (for instance fiscal printer – full list of fiscal devices and cash registers supporting e-receipts can be found here).

By connecting with the fiscal device the eparagony.pl system enables to issue only an electronic version of the receipt and provides independent access to its readable visualisation, fulfilling all formal duties of the taxpayer. The document is archived for at least 3 years.

E-receipt issued through eparagony.pl system is:
  • A fully-fledged alternative for paper receipts
  • Fiscal which means permanently saved in the memory of the fiscal device guaranteeing its authenticity 
  • Indestructible and available 24/7/365
  • Complete: contains all the elements required by law for the fiscal document

E-receipts HUB eparagony.pl is the first and biggest independent e-receipt system for business in Poland, fully compliant with the regulations.
Yes! If you issue e-receipts through our system, you don’t need to issue and print paper versions anymore. 

E-receipt issued through eparagony.pl HUB is a full-fledged, legitimate and complete fiscal document. So it also allows the customer to return and exchange purchased products, too.

Digital receipt is an electronic fiscal document regulated by the following Polish regulations: the Act of 11 March 2004 on Tax on Goods and Services, the Regulation of the Minister of Finance on cash registers and the Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology on the criteria and technical conditions to be met by cash registers.
No. The term “e-receipt” or “digital receipt” is overused, especially when referring to certain products or services (e.g. mobile apps of discount stores), which have little to do with a full-fledged fiscal e-receipt according to Polish law. The differences are quite significant, as explained in the table below:

Receipt in grocery stores apps (example) E-receipt issued through eparagony.pl HUB system
Does not replace paper receipts Replaces paper receipts
Is not fiscal in nature Is fiscal – proves that the seller will pay tax on this transaction
Format: picture, PDF file Format: encrypted file, unreadable to humans. Its format is specified by the law and requires a separate visualisation provided by eparagony.pl
Created by the merchant’s system Created in connection with the fiscal device certified by the Central Office of Measures
Under the full control of the merchant– modifiable and deletable Out of the merchant’s control, always accessible to the buyer
Incomplete as per the Polish fiscal regulations The e-receipt by eparagony.pl is a full-fledged and  complete fiscal document
Does not have legal force so, for instance, it doesn’t have to entitle to product returns and complaints Entitles to product returns and complaints as it is a formally valid proof of purchase
It’s important to remember that proofs of purchase available in applications of many well-known brands and stores – especially from the grocery, fashion, cosmetics and sports industries – are made only for customer convenience and don’t provide full-fledged fiscal documents according to Polish law which is very demanding in this regard. 

Our HUB eparagony.pl is the first and biggest entity in Poland offering a full-fledged e-receipts system and repository for business.

How it works

To issue fiscal e-receipts through the eparagony.pl system, you need:

  • an appropriate online fiscal printer* which support e-receipts (and depending on the scenario, also a computer to install on it our dedicated controlling software) and
  • integration with eparagony.pl system using a chosen integration method (check here)

*All the supported devices can be found here.

How does issuing digital receipts work?

  1. During the transaction, HUB eparagony.pl connects to your store (sales or accounting system) and your fiscal device.
  2. After the purchase the sale is fiscalised, the e-receipt is issued and safely stored in the eparagony.pl repository.
  3. Finally, our system provides the customer with access to the document, via selected means e.g. e-mail – which happens automatically, of course.

If necessary, our system can also handle paper receipts and receipts with Tax Number (NIP) (in electronic and paper versions).

Digital receipts in Poland are regulated by the Act of 11 March 2004 on Tax on Goods and Services, the Regulation of the Minister of Finance on cash registers and the Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology on the criteria and technical conditions to be met by cash registers.

Every entrepreneur (every taxpayer) can issue digital receipts according to Polish law.

To do it, one needs to have an appropriate fiscal device and integrate with an e-receipt issuing system like eparagony.pl.
To issue full-fledged fiscal e-receipts instead of paper ones through eparagony.pl system, you need to:

  • have an appropriate online fiscal printer supporting e-receipts (they need to have a proper certification*) and, depending on the scenario, a computer to install a dedicated software
  • integrate your store (sales or accounting system) with eparagony.pl HUB through a chosen module/plug-in or our API. Check all the available integrations here.

*Full list of supported devices can be found here.

Are you about to decide to change paper into e-receipts? Check our step by step guide how to start issuing digital receipts: eparagony.pl/en/how-to-start

Implementation process

There are 3 steps to implement eparagony.pl service and start issuing e-receipts:

  1. Registration of your store in the service. For Polish speakers: use the form: eparagony.pl/rejestracja. Non-Polish speakers: please reach out to us directly at partner@eparagony.pl

  2. Configuration of the chosen integration method: a full listof available modules for sales systems can be found here.

  3. Configuration of your online fiscal printer – this process is not always necessary; and if so, it will be handled by the maintainer of your fiscal device (service representative).

The printout of traditional receipts is stopped thanks to our dedicated software controlling the operations of the fiscal device. It needs to be installed on a computer with Windows (Linux/Mac will be available soon) or a server. Both the computer and fiscal device must have constant access to the network.

The implementation process usually lasts from a few hours up to a few days for more complex systems. 

A detailed instruction on how to start with digital receipts is here: eparagony.pl/how-to-start
Yes, you can try our e-receipt system risk-free and cost-free for 14 days after registration and signing the contract (after this period the monthly fee will be calculated automatically according to our Pricing).
Implementing e-receipts can bring benefits to many crucial areas of your business in Poland:

  • You will reduce fiscalisation costs by up to 80%:
    • no need to bear archiving costs of paper documents 
    • you save on paper, energy and amortisation costs 
    • you save working time, as the manual handling of paper receipts is replaced by a fully automated fiscal process

  • You will streamline sales processes and order logistics
  • Your fiscal documents will be fully digital, issued within one ecosystem
  • If you own printers in multiple locations – you will lower energy and maintenance costs for these devices
  • You will improve your ESG goals and 100% paperless goal
  • You will protect employee health (as contact with paper receipts is harmful)
The cost is determined by monthly volume of issued e-receipts (you pay only for what you use), chosen integration method and chosen contract duration (yearly contract: -10%).

Check offer details: eparagony.pl/en/pricing
After the end of each month, we send an invoice to the billing e-mail address provided in the registration form.

Consumer and e-receipts

Yes. E-receipt is issued regardless of the payment method.
Yes, according to Polish law issuing an e-receipt requires customer consent. However it is not defined how exactly the consent should be obtained. Anyway you don’t have to worry about it as during service implementation our team will help you – for instance to create the appropriate provisions in the terms and conditions of your store. In case of any legal doubts, always check them with your legal or accounting team.
Yes. Collecting and processing of data within the eparagony.pl e-receipt service is fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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