Managing your fiscal printer is a trouble? No worries, we will do it for you.

Leave your fiscal device to our specialists and… enjoy maintenance-free fiscalisation.

E paragony a kasa fiskalna

Forget about the fiscal printer.

We know well that everyday handling of the fiscal device can be inconvenient – especially when you can’t or don’t want to be physically in place.

How about we handle this process for you?
Check our fiscal management service.

What is the fiscal management service?

What is the

fiscal management service?

The fiscal devices, which you use to issue electronic receipts within the eparagony.pl service, can be now managed externally.

In short, you send us your fiscal printer, we take care of the rest.

E-receipts (almost) without a cash register

Go a step further in digitisation of your fiscalisation: issue e-receipts without worrying about the fiscal device. We guarantee that each transaction will be fiscalised.


We will ensure the smooth operation of your device: from daily monitoring, through collecting reports, to replacing paper. What’s more, the fiscalisation process is fully automatic.

of quality

Your device will be managed by a dedicated person and you will get full technological support (including network security).

For every

You can use the service regardless of the industry and business size. It is especially beneficial for companies: working remotely, with external warehouses or with limited space.

Executive partner: Infinite ICT

Over 20 years of experience
in tech management & service

An established leader of paperless technology

Working with hundreds of companies from every industry

Winner of industry awards, incl.: Forbes Diamonds (2015)

Your benefits

Leave your fiscal device to us and forget about the everyday duties, such as:

You can also benefit from additional services offered by our partner, including: purchase and fiscalisation of the devices, periodic inspections or device repairs (partner’s pricing applies).

Jak wystawiać e paragony fiskalne? Poznaj 3 kroki

How to enable the service?

*Our fiscal management service is an addition to eparagony.pl base service. If you do not issue e-receipts with us yet, please register your company here.



49 PLN

per month for an online fiscal printer handling up to 10k e-receipts per month (limited to 1 device)


individual offer

for companies with a monthly volume over 10k e-receipts or more than 1 online fiscal printer.

This fee is added to the monthly invoice for the eparagony.pl base service.


Yes, the fiscal management service is an addition to eparagony.pl base service. If you don’t issue electronic receipts with us yet, you can register here.
The detailed scope of the service can be found in the regulations.
The fiscal management service covers all the online fiscal printers supported by the eparagony.pl base service. You can find a detailed list of models here.
Our partner can do it for you: in their offer you can find both repairs and periodic inspections (partner’s pricing applies). If you do not want to outsource those to our partner, we can send the printer to you (shipping costs on the seller’s side).
You will receive a scan of the reports by e-mail.
If you participate in the fiscal management service, it is not possible to handle printed receipts.
The service fee is charged from the moment the printer is configured for the eparagony.pl base e-receipt service. We will inform you about it by e-mail.

Do you have any questions? 
Write to us.

Do you have additional questions about the fiscal printer management service? Or maybe you need an individual quote?

Write to us by filling out the contact form. We’d love to talk!

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