How to start issuing receipts online via eparagony.pl?


Choose your plan.

Choose your preferred contract duration: annual or monthly. Both plans have monthly payments, but with an annual contract you receive a -10% discount.

This is the only thing you choose since the monthly cost of the service is calculated automatically according to the number of ereceipts issued with us in a given month. In other words: you pay for what you use!


Details of the offer can be found here.


Choose the integration method.

We offer many modules and integrations for e-commerce (at different levels: shop platforms, integrators or ERP systems). You can also use our API. 

Read about the implementation details here.


Check your fiscal device.

Check if you have an appropriate online fiscal printer which is able to handle electronic receipts.
All the supported models can be found here.
The printout of traditional receipts is stopped thanks to our dedicated software controlling the operations of the fiscal device. It needs to be installed on a computer with Windows (Linux/Mac will be available soon) or a server. Both the computer and fiscal device must have constant access to the network.

Register and conclude the contract.

To register for the service and conclude a contract, simply fill out our registration form. The form works only in Polish so if you need an English contract, please contact us directly at: partner@eparagony.pl

In the form you indicate: contract duration, integration method and fiscal device. We will also ask you to provide company details and accept the regulations to conclude the contract. 

If you issue large volumes of receipts or need a tailor-made solution, please also contact us directly at: partner@eparagony.pl

Activate and start using – even within 24 hours.

To activate the service, you will receive detailed implementation instructions from us just after registration. It consists of two parts:

  • configuration of the selected integration method (plugin/module) – it is an easy process, usually taking 1-2 hours for a “non-technical” person


  • configuration of the connection with your fiscal printer – what the service representative taking care of your fiscal equipment will do

Then just test the service… And you’re done!

The whole process can be completed within 24 hours.

💡 Want to see a sample e-receipt? Click here.

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