Issuing e-receipts.
How it works.

3 conditions for the merchant to start issuing e-receipts:

Sales registration at the cash register.

Sales registration at the cash register.
E-receipt is an electronic fiscal document regulated by the following Polish regulations: the Act of 11 March 2004 on Tax on Goods and Services, the Regulation of the Minister of Finance on cash registers and the Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology on the criteria and technical conditions to be met by cash registers.

An appropriate online fiscal printer.

Our law still requires to have a physical online printer to issue e-receipts. However, the device does not print the documents anymore – as it receives from us (from our software) an instruction to issue only electronic receipts. So you can lock the printer in a closet with Internet access… and simply forget about it!*

There are several models of online printers on the Polish market that can handle issuing e-receipts.

A detailed list of the devices can be found here.

*The printout of traditional receipts is stopped thanks to our dedicated software controlling the operations of the fiscal device. It needs to be installed on a computer with Windows (Linux/Mac will be available soon) or a server. Both the computer and fiscal device must have constant access to the network.

Integration with eparagony.pl HUB.

Our integration enables the exchange of data between eparagony.pl HUB, i.e. the supplier of the e-receipts system, and the seller’s sales system and fiscal printer.

Thanks to our dedicated plugins, the integration of the service can take place on many levels, incl.: e-commerce platforms, integrators or accounting/ERP systems. API integration is also possible.

All integration methods can be found here.

Issuing e-receipts: how it works in practice

After the correct activation of the eparagony.pl HUB, the process of issuing e-receipts technically works as follows:
During the transaction, the eparagony.pl system connects with the store (or sales system) and the fiscal device (incl. the software).
The sale is fiscalized and the eparagony.pl repository receives the encrypted transaction data directly from the fiscal device.
The repository creates a visualization of this data and makes it available to the seller and the buyer. The customer receives the document in an agreed way, e.g., via e-mail, customer account or in the seller’s application.
Our system guarantees the registration of every transaction. If necessary, our system can also handle paper receipts and receipts with Tax Number (NIP) (in electronic and paper versions).
Do you want to see what a sample e-receipt looks like? Click here.

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