Wystawiaj e paragony w Subiekt GT (eparagony.pl)

eparagony.pl & Subiekt GT.

Manage your e-receipts directly on your Subiekt GT account. Handily.

Wizualizacja e paragonu w wersji mobile dla YES – eparagony.pl

New possibilities.

By activating our eparagony.pl add-on in your Subiekt GT system:
  • You fully automate the process of issuing fiscal e-receipts.

  • You can reduce the number of fiscal printers and locate them outside the warehouse.

  • You can add your logo in the header of the e-receipt, which will make the content of the document more attractive.

  • If needed, our system will also allow you to print the receipts for a chosen series of documents.

The process – what you should know.

  • For the system to work properly it is required to haveSubiekt GT with PLUS license in the blue, red or green version (the functionality of adding custom fields is key).


  • The printout of traditional receipts is stopped thanks to our dedicated software controlling the operations of the fiscal device. It needs to be installed on a computer with Windows/Linux (Mac will be available soon) or a server. Both the computer and fiscal device must have constant access to the network.


  • Our eparagony.pl add-on in Subiekt GT works fully automatically and doesn’t require any employee involvement.. Every minute it checks whether new receipts are waiting to be issued and updates the current status of this process.


  • The process of issuing e-receipts is under your full control thanks to visible statuses and links to e-receipts available directly in the Subiekt GT system.
Receipt issuing status and links visible on the transaction list in Subiekt GT system
  • Each issued e-receipt is available under a unique link.
View of a single transaction in Subiekt GT with a link to the e-receipt
  • The customer receives the e-receipt in the form of a link automatically in an e-mail sent from your mailbox which you configure in our add-on to the Subiekt GT system. The content of the email is fully customizable. If you do not want to deliver e-receipts this way, you can also turn off the automatic e-mail sending.  
Mail transakcyjny z linkiem do e paragonu fiskalnego, link do paragonu elektronicznego
Transactional email to the customer with a link to the e-receipt
Want to check what an examplary e-receipt looks like? Click here.
The above information is a summary of the most important service configuration elements in Subiekt GT. If you are interested in detailed technical documentation, please write to us.

Jak uruchomić eparagony.

Wystarczą 3 kroki, aby uruchomić eparagony w systemie Subiekt:

  Zarejestruj się w usłudze na stronie eparagony.pl/rejestracja, jako metodę integracji wybierając Subiekt GT.

  Skonfiguruj usługę w systemie Subiekt GT według dostarczonych przez nas instrukcji.

  Skonfiguruj drukarkę fiskalną online pod obsługę eparagonów (zrobi to serwisant Twojego sprzętu fiskalnego zgodnie z naszą instrukcją).
Przetestuj… i gotowe!
Jak wystawiać e paragony fiskalne? Poznaj 3 kroki